Solar Storage SA solar systems are customised with the goal of helping you reduce or eliminate your power bills . With a ten year manufacturers & 25-year performance warranty on solar panels, our solar energy systems is one of the best home investments you’ll ever make.​ A solar electricity system on your roof will assist you to cut your electricity bills, insulate you from rising electricity prices and make an enormous difference to the environment.

Installation Steps

  • 1. We consult with you to choose the best system for your needs.
  • 2. We apply to your retailer for approval of your system to connect to the grid .
  • 3. We arrive on the date arranged and finish your installation.
  • 4. We provide a 5 year installation warranty

The Financial Benefits

  • Get paid for the surplus electricity you produce and export to the grid.
  • Recover your system cost in as little as 2-5 years​.
  • Add value to your home or investment property​.
  • Insulate yourself from rising energy costs.

The Environmental Benefits

  • Save tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering Earths atmosphere.
  • Reduced the need for Fossil fuel powered power stations.
  • Lower Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions